Become an REA Member

As a potential new member your property must be with in the geographical region that has been identified as Lindale REA. 

Contact Battle River Power Coop

Contact BATTLE RIVER POWER COOP (Toll-free: 1-877-428-3972) and advise them you want power to a property. You will need the legal land description of the property.

Battle River Power Coop Verification

The Battle River Power Coop will identify based on the legal land description that the land is in an REA service area.

Battle River Power Coop Quote

Battle River Power Coop will provide a quote to you and the REA contact information. The REA Secretary is also notified by BRPC to advise that a potential new member has requested a quote for new service.

Contact the REA

Contact the REA Secretary with your request for new service. The quote you receive from Fortis has a signature page which requires the REA Secretary’s signature.

Call 780 542 2380 or email:

REA Member Contract

You will be required to sign the Lindale REA contract. Lindale REA Contract

Send Quote to Battle River Power Coop

Send the quote with signed signature page back to BRPC to arrange installation. You may have already been contacted by Fortis during this process to talk about installation and possibly have a visual assessment of the property.

Contact your Retailer

Once the installation is complete, it’s time to choose a retailer. The accepted REA Retailers are listed below. The services of an Electrician are required to provide the permit that the Retailer requires to install the power meter. BRPC looks after maintenance and auto meter reading and forwards this information to your Retailer who manages the billing process.

  • Campus Energy Partners LP
  • Direct Energy Partnership
  • Fluent Utilities Inc.
  • Hudson Energy Canada Corp.
  • Just Energy Alberta L.P.
  • Nexen Inc.
  • Utility Network and Partners Inc.
  • XOOM Energy Canada ULC


The Rural Electric Program assists farmers to access a basic, essential service at a reasonable cost and aids in the diversification of our rural economy.


As a potential new member your property must be with in the geographical region that has been identified as Lindale Rural Electrification Association.  


Complaints about contraventions of the Code of Conduct Regulation may be made to the Alberta Utilities Commission or the Market Surveillance Administrator.


Annual General Meeting dates and general announcements. All REA members are encouraged to attend the AGM. You are an REA member if Lindale REA is on your power bill.

Alberta Federation of Rural Electrification Associations